Payment Information 

Many insurance providers offer nutritional counseling insurance benefits that cover 100% with and without co-pays. It is my intentions to provide services for the public although I can only accept insurance from select insurance companies. Of course any person is welcome. For your convenience I have listed several insurance companies and their general rules of coverage although it is always suggested to check with your insurance companies specific policy.

Insurance Coverage:
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    often 100% Coverage
  • Cigna
    often 100% Coverage
  • Aetna Coverage
    Healthy Nutrition Solutions is contracted with Aetna and Aetna permits coverage for 1 hour appointments and to benefit my clients needs, appointments will exceed the 1 hour limit. The client is responsible for the additional cost over one hour
  • United Health Care
    often 100% Coverage
  • Self Pay
    $100 hourly rate

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