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If you are tired of fad diet after fad diet and finally want to learn how to eat for your health as well as for weight management, please consider working with me towards this goal. For whatever reason you desire to lose weight, I would be happy to work with you in improving your diet to help you achieve your goal.

When looking for help regarding weight loss, one can become overwhelmed with which "professional" (dietitian, nutritionist, physician, chiropractor) or which "program" (Weight Watchers, Slim for Life, Fat Loss DFW, Medifast) or even which surgery to choose (gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, lap band).

I know that during the short time I am in the car each day I hear multiple commercials for several weight loss programs. If I wasn't a dietitian and needed these services I don't know how I would possibly choose where to turn for help. A Registered Dietitian is educated to help you understand how lose weight properly and how you can keep it off .

An unhealthy diet can contribute to many health conditions.
Almost all health related issues are compounded with weight such as:

    High Cholesterol

    High Triglycerides

    High Blood Pressure

    Fatty Liver Disease

    Insulin Resistance

    Chronic Kidney disease


    Type 2 Diabetes

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Research has shown that 95% of all "diets" fail.

Current research states that one needs to follow an eating style that they can maintain over a number of years, not a number or weeks or months. Nobody can promise you that you will loose weight and keep it off but I can promise you that I am certified by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in Weight Management. I keep up with the scientific research of weight management and I would never instruct you on any program that is considered to be fad in nature and that does not have significant research to back it up to assure your safety. I have been practicing weight management on myself since my late teen years. Having grown up with an overweight mother, who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 59 due in large part to her excess weight, wanting to be able to manage my weight in a healthy manner is the main reason I choose to become a dietitian 25 years ago. While it does get harder as I get older, and especially as I am now working a completely sedentary job, the information I teach regarding diet and exercise is still safe and effective for myself and my patients. 

People need to understand all of the many weight programs advertised, claim of multiple pounds lost per week is a gimic and a commercial of a quick fix. What they don't claim is that you will finally learn to eat for health (rather than for enjoyment or for emotional reasons), nor do most claim that you will keep off all/most of the weight that you lose while following their program. We can all follow something extreme for a short period of time. The real challenge is learning to make life long changes in our diets, the type I had to learn to make in my own diet as I was transitioning from my late teens to my early 20s. I joke that I was the girl with a Little Debbie, chips, and sweet tea in her lunch box.

Weight management has always been an area of personal interest to me, I also enjoy helping healthy people who are overweight learn to eat differently to lose weight to avoid developing, or to improve any of the issues listed above. I have often said, "we all have to learn to eat healthy sometime".

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